Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

Fashionweek Berlin, 2016

Now, in January & February I'm in Berlin, doing my second internship in this semester.
The Fashionweek in January was so exciting, not only helping backstage (I will report about it another time) but also meeting wonderful people in the streets & the whole atmosphere in the city.
So I happened to meet Maximilian Seitz (, a famous German blogger.
He was so incredibly nice, asking where I got my pullover: A babyblue, oversized, fake-fur sweater - my design.
I found it so flattering! It was the first time someone demands for my design!

So I sew him his own pullover & now he featured me on instagram! So proud! Thank you!

Another super nice person was Tatjana, an interesting fashion blogger from Berlin. She takes amazing style photos and does cool videos telling tricks for fashion & beauty at
So she did a street style report of MBFW Berlin and I was mentioned, wearing my favorite bag from Skinnydip London.


 I've never talked about I don't only like creating fashion but also dressing up and experimenting with different shapes & colors on my own body.
It is so inspiring for me, because I couldn't create something I wouldn't wear myself.
It's like I design what I need in my life.

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