Samstag, 6. Februar 2016

Internship Semester: Peter Jensen London

The 5th semester of my fashiondesign studies, is a practical term to get more experience about what the 'real' fashionworld looks like.

From september to december I've been to London, helping in the studio of Peter Jensen.
I arrived right before the Fashionweek for the S/S16-Collection and helped with the preparations: sewing sequins on socks, dyeing shoes and cutting last pieces for the show.

The presentation of the 'Shirley Collection' was in 'Elms Lesters Painting Room'. Peter Jensens inspiration is always is a kind of muse, and this time he got his ideas from the style of his stylist Shirley Kurata.

I helped dressing the models, making them ready for the presentation. In the end all the models looked like clones of Shirley - an amazing production. (I especially love the prints, accessories & all the clothing made out of the towelling)

The rest of the internship I helped doing spec drawings or cutting pieces. I even helped preparing the shipping of the Resort Collection or assisted at the sample sale in december, 2015.

Now, I am so exited to see how the F/W Collection developed, and how the presentation on the London Fashion Week will be like.
The whole internship was such a great experience: Not only in the studio but also whole London. It was the first time I took a flight alone and everything was so new and exciting! I've been to London before, but only for some sightseeing. It is completely different to live there. BETTER, of course!

A fellow student, doing an internship at Vivienne Westwood invited us for the climate march demo. Standing up for human rights & nature, we even saw her, Vivienne Westwood, walking right in front of us. She's such a confident woman, really wanting to ameliorate.
Against corruption! Against fracking! For humanity!
London is so full of adventures, inspiration & colors - hope I can return soon.

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